Shine On Award


Thanks to for nominating me for the “Shine On Award”, so thoughtful!


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3 State 7 things about yourself.

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1.  Who is your favorite fashion stylist? Rachel Zoe! I love and admire her work.

2. What is your favorite color to wear? Sorry, but I love black, not because its slimming it just compliments everything perfectly!

3. What do you like about blogging? Blogging has open up a whole new world for me. I love sharing my thoughts with others. Sharing my styling ideas with others brings me a lot of joy. Fashion is my passion, and i get to share that with others.

4. Have you every shop consignment? Yes, and I love it! Especially when I find  something that still has the price tags on it!

5. What Handbag are you rocking right now?  The Michael Kors Hamilton Bag

6. Who is your favorite shoe designer? Vince Camuto, his shoes are perfect! Love the styles and I am a big fan of leather shoes with leather soles, and Vince gives you all of this for a great price!

7. Have you ever shop vintage? Yes, big fan of vintage Dior, and I like shopping for vintage sequin pieces.

My Fifteen Nominees are:

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