Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I would like to begin by letting all of you (readers and viewers of my blog) know how much your support means to me. The love that everyone has shown me has been overwhelming! I was nervous about starting this fashion blog and I had no idea how this venture would turn out when I first started it. With the help of friends and family, I finally got the nerve to share my styling ideas and fashion scenes with the WORLD!
My fashion blog is the first bold step that I have taken in quite a long time. I was a person who was always afraid of trying new things and who constantly doubted herself. Fear of the unknown played a big role in my life. As a young person, I was very shy and I expressed myself through the art of styling my wardrobe. I always longed to work in the fashion industry, but had no idea of where to start.
Therefore, instead of following my passion, I put it aside and I married and started my family. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy and blessed to have my family and I love them beyond measure! However, in raising my children, I lost myself and gave up on my dreams. Somehow, my fear issues grew so I put my energy and focus only on my family. This only gave me an excuse for not following my passion and a way for me not to face my fears.
When my children grew older and became more independent, I managed to earn my Associate of Arts Degree and I started this wonderful fashion blog. Learning to set my fears aside, I am taking steps that I never could have imagined! What I have learned through the years is that FEAR will only hold you BACK! You have to condition yourself to be bold. Never be concerned with what others say or think about you as long as you are happy and confident in what you are doing. It is okay to fail, as long as you have tried- but never give up!
 Visit Homecoming Trunk Shows www.jenna.shophts.com Grateful Heart ID Bracelet "Be Not Afraid" $30 Brave Agate Stone Bracelet - Ocean $25

Visit Homecoming Trunk Shows www.jenna.shophts.com Grateful Heart ID Bracelet “Be Not Afraid” $30
Brave Agate Stone Bracelet – Ocean $25

I found this bracelet at www.jenna.shophts.com, The Homecoming Trunk Show. It is a Grateful Heart ID Bracelet. It states, “Be Not Afraid” and I adore this bracelet because it reminds me of how far I have come. When I am feeling hesitant to grab a chance to get something I want, I look at my bracelet and it gives me the motivation to continue! When I have to step outside of my comfort zone, I look at my bracelet! I have learned that there are reasons that may be making you feel awkward and fearful and it is okay to recognize these fears and own them. However, you should try your best to reach for what you want, regardless of these fears! I have and I love where I am going.
I also want to share this song with you. It is ‘Closer’ by Goapele. This song touches my heart in a very special way!

Dream on………..

Fashionably Yours,