Monday Motivation!

Hello! I know it’s been a while since you’ve gotten a Monday Motivation post from me, but today I wanted to send out some love, prayers and support to all who are touched by the death of the Iconic Supreme Court Judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. When I heard the news of her passing, I was overcome with sadness. She is a true example of overcoming your adversities and not allowing anything to stop or silence you. I am grateful for her hard work advocating for women’s rights, which brings me to the importance of voting. Your vote is your voice, so grab your future by the ballot! Voting is using your rights to make a difference. People have fought, protested, advocated and lost their lives just so everyone can have this right to vote!
This brings me to the tee-shirt that was given to me by Smart & Sexy, a female-owned company. They make donations to organizations that empower women! You can receive a pair of “My Vote, My Voice” panties-free! Visit their site today and join us on Instagram spreading the word and honorIng those who fought for our rights! Here are some important facts you should never forget:

The women’s right movement begins.

1920 The 19th Amendment is passed and women get the right to vote. The 2020 election marks 100 years of women suffrage.
1963 The Equal Pay Act is passed, abolishing the wage disparity on sex….we still have work to do here.
1972 Title IX is passed so that no person shall be excluded from any education or activity receiving Federal financial assistance based on sex.