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Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well. My birthday was on July 13th and I am still celebrating Chapter 54! Today I wanted to share a new beauty brand that I had the opportunity to try. I was gifted a few beauty and skincare products from NakedPoppy. I have been using them for a couple of weeks now and I want to share with you my review.

NakedPoppy provides the safest, cleanest, and most luxuriously crafted makeup and skincare and it’s curated for you! First, you take a 3-minute assessment-every product is curated in your personalized boutique. From your boutique, you are able to shop for products that will look amazing without wasting time on the stuff that’s not for you.

I love this because shopping for skincare and beauty products can be a difficult task. Also, what works for one person’s skin might not work for yours, so taking the beauty assessment is a plus. From my personalized boutique, I received NakedPoppy Revitalize Facial Oil, Refresh Foaming Cleanser, and Clean Liquid Eyeliner. I love a good facial oil and the Revitalize Facial Oil is definitely my favorite of the three. This antioxidant-rich facial oil leaves my skin looking brighter with a beautiful glow. It features the highest-quality rosehip seed — a natural alternative to retinol. 

The NakedPoppy Refresh Forming Cleanser does just that! It refreshes your skin. After using it, I noticed that my skin looks brighter and feels soft. I have very sensitive skin so I am picky when it comes to skincare products. I experienced no irritations at all from using these products. I also received The NakedPoppy Clean Liquid Liner. I don’t really use liquid liner. I struggle with trying to line my eyes so I prefer eyeshadows. I did, however, manage to create a simple line on both eyes and the liner did not smear and lasted throughout the day.

Overall I was happy with all of my products! The packaging is really nice, their website is easy to use and the shipping was fast! With using the facial oils and cleanser, I do feel I am using clean skincare products. Their textures are amazing and the quality seems to be luxurious! The facial oil is my favorite and will definitely be a part of my beauty routine. The foaming cleanser is also a winner. As far as the liquid eyeliner goes, it’s okay but I would like to try some of the other makeup choices curated for me in my boutique.

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