Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello everyone! I wanted to take the time to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers. I know that this day can be a difficult time for those who have lost their moms. I pray that you find comfort and peace on this day.
As a mom and grandmother, I understand that the daily task of motherhood can be trying. There are many days we go without sleep, we work 24/7 in-home and outside of the home. Our job is everlasting and we go without with no consciousness of our own needs. 
Although it gets better with age, being a mom never ends! You go through another stage of motherhood where you are in constant prayer for the safety of your adult children and grandkids. The most special part is grand-parenting! You get to spoil the grandkids! Say YES TO EVERYTHING and send them back home to their parents.
That’s why it’s important that we take time for ourselves. Self-care is not just pampering yourself with a face mask treatment or getting your nails done. It’s spending time with yourself doing what you love. It’s connecting with those things that you put aside in order to put others first. 
This brings me to earlier this week. My daughters asked me, “Mom what would you like to do for Mother’s Day?” I replied… NOTHING!” It wasn’t an ugly reply but an exhausting one because I am constantly in motion! Since starting my business in my late 40s, the only thing I really get to do is work! When I am not working, I am sleeping so I can get up and go to work! 
So, this Mother’s Day, I want to relax and do nothing! No brunch at a fancy restaurant and no cookouts, where I would end up doing dishes. I want to be served breakfast in bed, have a bottle of wine, and watch a good movie. I would love to catch up on some writing and take a long walk by myself.
I will have to update you all on how that goes 😂. But I think you already know! Oh! I almost forgot to say thank you to everyone who shops and who supports Out Of The Box Fashion! I am forever grateful! I know that right now we are living in an uncertain time. With the pandemic, war and inflation, it can be a struggle.
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Enjoy your day!