The Capsule Wardrobe & How To Build One

A wardrobe capsule is a small collection of versatile, mix-and-match clothing items that can be worn in multiple ways to create a variety of outfits.

Here is an example of a minimalistic wardrobe capsule for a versatile and timeless look:

  • A tailored blazer in a neutral color (black, navy, beige)
  • A classic white button-up shirt
  • A pair of straight-leg denim jeans
  • A couple of tailored black pants
  • A versatile little black dress
  • A couple of closed-toe pumps in a neutral color
  • A comfortable pair of sneakers
  • A neutral-colored cross-body bag
  • A statement belt
  • A few scarfs and jewelry items to add a pop of color

With this capsule, you can create a variety of looks, such as a professional outfit by pairing the blazer with the tailored pants and pumps, a casual look by pairing the denim jeans with the sneakers and button-up, or a night-out look by pairing the little black dress with statement jewelry and heels.

Below are items to start creating your capsule wardrobe.