Celebrating 33 Years of Love and Commitment

Today marks a milestone in my life – my 33rd wedding anniversary with my amazing husband, Ricky Johnson. It’s a day to reflect on the journey we’ve shared, the challenges we’ve conquered, and the love that has grown stronger with each passing year. Ricky, you are the cornerstone of our family, a protector, provider, and a true leader in every sense. Your unwavering dedication to us has been the bedrock of our lives. You’ve not only been a loving husband but also an incredible father and role model for our family.

Throughout these 33 years, you’ve been my steadfast support, my biggest cheerleader, and my confidant in all my endeavors. Your belief in me has given me the strength to pursue my dreams, and your unconditional love has been my anchor in times of joy and sorrow alike. As we celebrate this remarkable journey today, I am filled with gratitude for the love and happiness you’ve brought into my life. I look forward to many more years of laughter, adventure, and unwavering love with you by my side. With faith in our bond and a heart full of love, I pray that we get to celebrate not just 33, but many more years together.

Happy 33rd anniversary, my love! Here’s to us and the beautiful journey that lies ahead. 💕🥂




    • Quinn
      January 6, 2024 / 12:05 am

      Thank you!